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9th ipCG Thought Leadership Conference

The most successful modern businesses have established repeatable processes for connecting intellectual assets to their internal and external business environments.

This year’s conference will focus on how to identify and strengthen these connections to create greater business value.

Special guest speaker Jennifer C. Wolfe, Esq., APR, SSBB, author of “Brand Rewired,” will explore the shift from traditional research-and-development innovation to a Brand Rewired approach of innovating.  This approach optimizes the brand creation process and intersects strategic thinking about intellectual property without hindering creativity.

Keynote speaker Marshall C. Phelps, Jr. is a Board Member at ipCG. Mr. Phelps is currently an advisor to a number of companies including Microsoft, Waggener Edstrom and Viral Genetics, and serves five other boards of directors. In 2006, he was elected to the initial class of the Intellectual Property Hall of Fame.

The theme of this year's conference will be finding the right connections. This task is one of the biggest business challenges and greatest opportunities for value creation. The most successful modern businesses have established repeatable processes for connecting intellectual assets to their internal and external business environment.

Space is limited to 50 attendees to encourage casual, collegial exchange.

Wednesday, November 2:

3:00-6:00pm  Registration and Resort Check-In

6:00-7:00pm  Wine & Vermont Artisan Cheese Reception

7:00-8:30pm  Welcome Dinner

Thursday, November 3:

7:15-8:15am  Networking Breakfast

8:15-8:20am   Welcome and Opening Remarks
                       Robert McDonald Managing Director & President
                       ipCapital Group

8:20-9:15am   “Connectovate? to create Business Value”
                       John Cronin
                       Managing Director & Chairman
                       ipCapital Group

9:15-10:15am   Individual Introductions &  “How Does Your Organization Connectovate?”
                       Nancy Edwards Cronin Principal Partner
                       ipCapital Group

10:15-10:45am  Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45-11:45am   “Brand Rewired”

                       Jennifer Wolfe, Esq.
                       Invited Guest Speaker

11:45-12:45pm   “Creating Value by Connecting Customers to Our Business Strategy to Improve Products & Services”
                       Jonathan Hollow
                       Director of Innovation and Strategy
                       Business Link

12:45-2:00pm   Networking Luncheon

2:00-3:00pm    “Spurring Open Innovation with IP Tools & Connecting the Results to Stagegate?”
                       Stewart Mehlman
                       Director-Licensing, Alliances and Emerging Technologies Praxair, Inc

3:00-4:00pm   “Connecting VOC, Front End Innovation, IP Strategy to Enhance New Product Development”
                       Thom Nealssohn
                       Director, Innovation Implementation Services Masco Corporation

4:00-4:30pm   Networking and Refreshment Break

4:30-5:30pm   “Innovation & Core Technology Management: Leadership, Connections, and Accountability”
                       Terry Adams
                       Assistant Vice President, Intellectual Property
                       Nestec S.A. (subsidiary of Nestlé S.A.)

5:30-6:30pm   Relax and Refresh

6:30-7:30pm   Cocktail Reception

7:15-8:45pm  Dinner

Friday, November 4:

7:15-8:15am   Networking Breakfast

8:15-9:15am   “You Have Some IP - So What?”
                        Marshall C. Phelps, Jr. Keynote Speaker

9:15-10:15am   “Connecting Disruptive Technology and IP to Build Significant Shareholder Value”
                        Peter Conley
                       Sr. Managing Director- Investment Banking
                       MDB Capital Group

10:15-10:45am   Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45-12:45pm Track 1
                       “From Startup to Acquisition: How Vocollect Created Value Through Building Intellectual Assets”
                       Roger Byford
                       Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer

                       “Linking Technology Scouting, Open Innovation and IP Strategy: Making Diverse Connections to Create Competitive Advantage”
                       Bob Bonahoom
                       Director Technology & IP

                       Track 2
                       “Measuring and Optimizing Capacity to Innovate”
                       Dolly Greenwood, Ph.d.
                       Director for Army  Enterprise and ISR
                       MITRE Corporation

                       “New Models for Innovation Partnering”
                       Graham Cross, Ph.D.
                       Director of Innovation Acceleration and Commercial Alliance

12:45-1:45pm   Networking Luncheon / Conference Close


Specialty Add-Ons to the ipCG Thought Leadership Conference

“Building the Billion-Dollar Company Through IP Creation”

Wednesday November 2, 2011
11AM - 4PM

ipCapital Group
John Cronin
Managing Director & Chairman

Jed Cahill
Senior Manager

MDB Capital Group
Peter Conley
Senior Managing Director




“IAM: Creating Higher Value IP”

Wednesday November 2, 2011
10AM - 4PM

ipCapital Group
Bruce Story
Senior Advisor

Dow Chemical Company
Darrel Docking
Senior IC Leader


Bruce Story is a Senior Advisor at ipCapital Group with sixteen years of experience developing and implementing global intellectual asset management processes used to create and protect intellectual property. He is leveraging his experience to help clients meet the challenge of managing IP in an increasingly global competitive environment.

Darrel Docking is Senior Intellectual Capital Leader at The Dow Chemical Company with over 17 years of experience managing IAM processes in the Polyolefins and Dow Elastomers businesses. 


“Mining the Gold: New Strategies for Leveraged Licensing Plays”

Wednesday November 2, 2011
11:30AM - 4:30PM

ipCapital Licensing Company
John Cronin
Managing Director

John Ciannamea

Dennis McBride

Fred DuFresne
Senior Advisor

Article One Partners
Cheryl Milone
Founder  and CEO

Corey Horowitz
Chairman and CEO

John Mulgrew
Associate General Counsel

Open Innovation Network
Keith Bergelt




Full Conference PDF

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