How Can Prototyping Help You Develop and Protect Your Idea?  

POSTED BY Ted Anderson and Charles E. Root Jr. MS. AT 2:14 P.M. March 16, 2017

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Spend a Little to Make a Lot

When developing a new idea, you could take the short route and create a “paper only” concept. This approach may be sufficient if you only intend to develop a concept for future rights, or to gain an IP foothold in a market or industry, and not an actual product or service.

But if you are developing a new product or service idea and your plan is to take it to market in the immediate or near future, creating a working prototype can be a crucial step in enhancing the value of the IP and product you are developing around the concept and growing its potential value in the market. We are the only prototyping firm that has a 17-year background in understanding IP, so as we are prototyping we are finding new areas to secure IP protection.  

The Benefits

Our well-structured prototyping effort will:

Help Those Trying to Help You

With a working prototype of your idea, you can provide your team and those investing with the proof-of-concept they need to go to next steps. Many people process information best visually while others are more adept at internalizing information through audio or written sources. With a prototype of an idea, you can hold to the adage that the best way to sell a concept is to show it. Adding to that age-old notion, the best way to protect an innovation is to fully understand it - something a prototype can accomplish for all involved in your idea. Not only do we prototype and develop the surrounding IP, we produce world-class demonstration videos of the prototype.

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