How to Encourage Joint Creation in Open Innovation without Losing IP Rights  

POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:15 P.M. SEP 8, 2011

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Open InnovationIn open innovation relationships, intellectual property (IP) often becomes a divisive issue during negotiations and the relationship itself. As a result, some relationships never get off the ground, and for those that do, many miss out on the potential IP from the relationship because the terms are not clear to non-lawyers, it’s uncomfortable to talk about, to they don’t seek out opportunities to capture IP. It’s possible to flip the paradigm by encouraging joint creation so the relationship becomes an IP generation engine that benefits both parties.

In the September issue of Intellectual Property Magazine, Kate Shore discusses how to address IP issues before the relationship to help create a culture of co-invention and collaboration, how to rev up your innovation engine to generate many potential inventions, and ways to maximize the value of the inventions created for both parties.

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