The Disruptions are Coming!  

POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 4:20 P.M. AUGUST 04, 2009

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The Disruptions are Coming!Disruption is Inevitable

All companies are susceptible to disruption - across all industries, at every scale, and in both strong and weak players. There are many case studies and stories to learn from (e.g. Clayton Christensen and other examples here).

Spectrum of Players

Some companies play the role of the disruptor, while others are continually caught off guard by disruptions in their space. Certain companies are aware of disruptions building momentum, but are powerless to stop them. A select few companies use disruption awareness as a competitive advantage by tracking emerging signs and proactively applying tactics to protect their interests. Where does your company fall in this spectrum?

What can you do?

Disruptions get their power from the element of surprise and from breaking industry norms. They can be very difficult to identify, track, and manage. So how do you prepare for the possibility of disruption in your business? ipCapital has found that companies who actively manage disruption do the following:

  1. Develop their own disruptions, by:

  2. Build a customized disruption prediction model, by:

  3. Build a "Tool Chest" to defend against disruptions, by:

  4. Develop an executable strategy to manage emerging or future disruptions, by:

Managing disruption requires being proactive, not reactive. It takes time, effort, and resources to get ahead and stay ahead of potential disruptions. Success can be hard to measure, but denial or complacency can risk your entire business. IP plays a key role in disruption - it is both a means for identifying it and protection against it. Make sure that you are ready when disruption comes galloping your way!

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