Client Satisfaction  

ipCG’s history of successful engagements leads to lasting relationships with clients. Previous clients continue to seek our advice and return with new challenges and opportunities for us to solve, even if the client contact moves to a new company. Here are some statements from former and current clients about ipCG, the work we perform, and the value derived from that work.

"Last year Chromavision made a strategic decision to sell the instrument division which included a large IP portfolio, it received $13M and the perceived value of the IP represented more than half of this in my opinion. The things I learned at the Thought Leadership conferences over the years and the work IP Capital Group did for us when we were Chromavision were instrumental in developing the portfolio and getting top dollar for it." -Jose de la Torre-Bueno, Ph.D.

"ipCG has been a beacon of light in our constantly changing IP landscape. Fresh ideas, common sense and years of experience have provided us with results that are trusted and custom fit to our needs. These guys are the powerhouse of IP strategy and business development." - From an Intellectual Asset Management Director at a Fortune 100 technology company

"John Cronin and ipCapital Group approach intellectual property from a business and technology perspective, not a legal perspective, and as such they add significant strategic value to their clients. I would highly recommend working with ipCG for any organization looking to turbo charge their IP portfolio." - Paul Cohn, Vice President & Regional Director of Fort Washington Capital Partners Group

"If I didn't have someone outside of our company who I could bounce ideas off of and who could push IP strategies, I don't think that we could have gotten anything accomplished here. ipCapital Group has been a huge part of moving the ball forward for the company and has really set up a lot of processes which, if the company embraces them, will really make some fundamental changes." - From a senior executive of a global defense and aerospace company

"We consider our work with ipCapital to be a significant competitive advantage and do not want to advertise it." - From a senior executive at a Fortune 500 Company

"...Overall, our partnership with ipCapital has improved our management of IP as a strategic business process and provided expertise and tools to efficiently execute development of a high-quality patent portfolio." - Bill Ambrosius, Vice President, Platform Development, Aristos Logic Corporation

"ipCapital Group has been a driving force for Phobos, successfully partnering with us to structure a program that not only simply processes our IP, but capitalizes on it, thus significantly increasing Phobos' inherent value." - Roger Johnson, Vice President, Engineering, Phobos Corporation

"I have nothing but high praise for ipCG." - From a senior executive at a Fortune 500 Company

"ipCapital Group has accelerated the development of IP at Boston Scientific tremendously and has focused that development in areas that are specific to our strategic plan. What this does for us is that it takes us from the point of being very reactionary in the marketplace to being very proactive." - Mike Banik, Vice President of R&D, Microvasive Division, Boston Scientific

"I was very pleased with the approach, timeliness, and substance of the work you did to support our due diligence with regards to intellectual property. You provided a high level summary in a matter of days and followed that up with a more detailed report describing approach and findings within a couple of days after that." - Thomas Patterson, General Partner, Weston Presidio

"Because of our work with ipCapital Group, ZettaCore has developed a strong IP strategy, as well as a much better understanding of potentially competitive IP. ipCapital helped us to align our business strategy and our R&D strategy with our IP strategy. The benefits offered by ipCapital are obvious for large companies, but I would recommend them to other startup companies as well." - Randy Levine, President and CEO, ZettaCore, Inc.

"We are very pleased with the thoroughness of the ipScan® process and the well categorized approach to potential inventions. We believe that the facilitation tools that you use got us to a more comprehensive set of invention areas than we would have been able to do ourselves. We also feel that the database structure that you have put together will prove very useful as we move ahead." - From a Vice President of a leading consumer products company

"Excellent. I cannot remember even a funded startup pre-public that has as comprehensive an IP analysis as this one. It really gets you focused on how to build company value from an IP perspective. Great job." - From an ipCG client's legal counsel


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