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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 5:40 P.M. MAY 26, 2009

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Companies engage in strategic planning to lay out a path to success in various areas of business. In strategic planning, achievement of milestones and progress toward goals are assessed using a variety of metrics, both quantitative and qualitative. A refined set of those metrics may be designated for use as key performance indicators (KPIs). Metrics and KPIs are also vital for gauging effectiveness and performance at an operational level. In the area of intellectual property (IP), there is no generally accepted set of standard metrics and validated KPIs.

To explore this issue, ipCapital has developed a benchmarking survey to assess how companies are using metrics and KPIs in relation to their IP portfolios and processes. For the purposes of this study, IP includes patents, publications, and trade secrets, but not trademarks or copyrights. We are launching the survey today, with the cutoff date for responses currently set at midnight Wednesday, June 17th. We have reached out to our network of clients and contacts, but welcome others to participate. Start the survey here or share the link to a friend:


ipCapital will collect the responses, analyze the data, generate information about the average use of metrics and KPIs, and provide each participant with a customized report that shares the overall findings and shows your organization benchmarked against the average. Each participant's specific answers on the survey, including company name, will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any person or group, including other participants. This brief survey should take only 15-20 minutes. The survey is designed so that any person involved with IP in the organization should be able to answer the questions. There is a set of questions about the use of metrics and KPIs, a set of demographic questions, and a place to enter contact information so we can provide back the customized report. If you have any questions, please contact us at survey09@ipcg.com or +1 (802) 859-7800.

While researching the topic of metrics around IP and developing survey, ipCapital assembled a list of over 70 IP metrics, organized into the following categories with examples of each:

Metric/KPI Category
Sample Metric
Basic Metrics & KPIs Patents rejected as a percentage of total patents filed
Staff-related Metrics & KPIs Percentage of R&D professional staff that are inventors (per year or portfolio-wide)
Portfolio Analysis Metrics & KPIs Source of forward citations, e.g. self, key competitors, others (per year or portfolio-wide)
Product/Technology Alignment Metrics & KPIs Profit margin of patent protected products vs. non-patent protected products
Corporate-level Metrics & KPIs Revenue generating patents (i.e. patents that protect products on the market or are out-licensed) as a percentage of total invention disclosures
Licensing Metrics & KPIs Total amount of revenue from out-licensing
IP Management Process Metrics & KPIs Elapsed time from disclosure decision to action (e.g. patent application filed)

ipCapital is asking participants to indicate whether they use each metric currently, whether it is used as a KPI currently, and also if they would like to use the metric in the future or designate it as a KPI in the future. We recognize that this set of metrics is likely to evolve, so participants also have the opportunity to add new metrics not included in the list. The data should be very interesting and we are very excited to do the analysis and share the results. Participants will receive more detailed reports, but a high level analysis will be shared publicly, including overall averages and which metrics are favored to measure effectiveness and efficiency in IP portfolios and processes. Stay tuned for more news here!

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