ipCapital Group Releases iPhoneTM Application; Ah-Ha!TM Discovery Deck  

POSTED BY ipCG Team AT 3:30 P.M. OCTOBER 12, 2009

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Ah_Ha! iPhone Application

ipCG is pleased to announce the release of its first iPhoneTM application, the Ah Ha!TM Discovery Deck, which is an electronic version of a brainstorming and creativity tool that ipCG has been using for years with clients. Each virtual card in the deck contains a title and story about a prolific invention throughout history, and is simple enough to be read by grade students but powerful enough to be meaningful to CEO's. Each card relates the title and story to a creativity question in order to challenge the user to think differently about assignments, projects, or deliverables they are working on.

The application contains six different modes which allow the user to maximize the effectiveness of the tool for their specific purpose. The six modes include:

The Ah Ha!TM Discovery Deck contains 60 cards and has been used with all types of inventors to help solve their real-world problems. It has helped create inventions in almost every technology field and industry. We are excited to be able to offer this valuable tool in a new format which promotes collaborative thinking, creativity, and innovation.

The Ah Ha!TM deck is currently available for download through the iTunesTM store or can be accessed directly at: http://tinyurl.com/ahhadeck.

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