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Adam Bulakowski, Principal Partner, is the Author of "The Future of Banking Profits: Innovation Decisions for Retail and Commercial Banks"

In this whitepaper, Adam outlines the changing customer and competitor landscapes facing today’s banking industry and argues that developing a thoughtful innovation strategy, considering changes with both customer needs and competition, is necessary to maintain profitability.

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POSTED BY ipCG Team AT 4:06 P.M. January 15, 2016

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IP and the Banking Industry

In 1997, a small Texas company called DataTreasury invented and patented a novel technology to electronically capture and store checks. More than 10 years later, after post-September 11th laws were instituted requiring banks to be less reliant on paper checks being transported by aircraft, DataTreasury found that its patent was being used by a long list of major American banks.

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POSTED BY John Cronin AT 9:30 A.M. APRIL 14, 2009

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