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Barriers to Innovation: The Greatest Idea in the World Is Only As Good as the Process that Put It Together

The Apple Watch is, as usual for Apple, a trailblazing product that not only showcases a new product, but opens up a path to grow a new area of technology. It is also another example of true innovation struggling against internal and external forces, all of which try to hamper innovation, harming sales and damaging the development of exciting technology. As with other examples, the Watch is proof that process is just as important as the innovation when it comes to implementing great ideas.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 1:33 P.M. Sep 22, 2015

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Innovation | Invention | Process

Run - Don't Walk: First-Inventor-to-File is Here

Final implementation of the AIA has changed the race track substantially. Companies will have to adjust in order to win the new race to the patent office. ipCG’s cutting-edge ipAIASM services are designed to let our clients dramatically shorten the time between conceiving an invention and filing the patent application. A client company will run—not walk—to the patent office.

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POSTED BY Bruce Story and Chris Huffines AT 1:45 P.M. Mar 8, 2013

TAGS: America Invents Act (AIA) | Bruce Story | Chris Huffines | Regulation and Legislation | Strategy

The IP Protection Challenges of 3D Printing

3D printing is one emerging technology field with the potential to create significant—perhaps even extreme—practical and legal consequences.  Innovators and manufacturers need to be ready to use all the protections offered by the different forms of intellectual property to protect their assets and businesses.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 5:05 P.M. Aug 15, 2012

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Creativity | Disruption | Regulation and Legislation

Copyright is a Cautionary Tale for Patent Holders

SOPA, PIPA, RIAA, MPAA. In certain corners of the Internet, these are not just 4-letter acronyms, but 4-letter words. What is most striking about the conflict over digital piracy is the incredible level of hostility the copyright holders and their defenders, including the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America, have generated. Patent holders and their defenders should take note: you are next.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 8:07 A.M. Feb 28, 2012

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Strategy

ipCapital Group Welcomes Chris Huffines

ipCapital Group is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Huffines to our team. Chris works primarily with ipCG strategic partners on projects such as technical patent mapping and prior art analysis. He is especially active in the areas of telecom analysis and in reviewing the changes to the patent system stemming from the America Invents Act.

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POSTED BY ipCG Team AT 1:30 P.M. Nov 29, 2011

TAGS: Chris Huffines | ipCG Team

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