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IP risk mitigation for new product development

Avoiding IP roadblocks and exploiting gaps in the competition's IP position is a key to developing an intellectual property strategy for new product development. Find out why it’s best to start with the end in mind by looking for potential IP roadblocks up-front that may impact product release.

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POSTED BY Bill Petrow and Cody Barrette AT 9:43 A.M. Sep 2, 2015

TAGS: NPD | Strategy | Bill Petrow | Cody Barrette

Three things to know about Disney's Future Aerial Shows

The Walt Disney Company was recently awarded a number of issued patents for future unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or UAS or drone) integration into its aerial shows. By patent protecting this technology and technology application, Disney may keep competitors (e.g., Universal Studios) aerial display shows "on the ground".

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POSTED BY Cody Barrette AT 1:30 P.M. June 18, 2015

TAGS: Entertainment | Innovation | Invention | Strategy | Cody Barrette

Getting Started with the UK Patent Box Initiative: Establishing Your Baseline

As the commencement date of the UK Patent Box initiative approaches (April 2013), eligible businesses need to begin thinking about what their current baseline looks like in regards to their existing IP portfolio. By establishing an initial patent to product mapping inventory and setting up a formal process for ongoing management, businesses can maximize the near and long term benefits of the Patent Box initiative.

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POSTED BY ipCG Team and Cody Barrette AT 4:30 P.M. Jul 18, 2012

TAGS: ipCG Team | IAM | Strategy | Cody Barrette

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