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IP 101: Things That Don't Quite Fit

In the last blog post, the basic types of intellectual property (IP) were discussed. But there are other types of more specialized IP that don’t fall into the basic categories. Today, those types, which are “neither fish nor fowl” will be discussed.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 4:23 P.M. Sep 18, 2018

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Invention | Regulation and Legislation | Design Patent | Copyright

Copyright is a Cautionary Tale for Patent Holders

SOPA, PIPA, RIAA, MPAA. In certain corners of the Internet, these are not just 4-letter acronyms, but 4-letter words. What is most striking about the conflict over digital piracy is the incredible level of hostility the copyright holders and their defenders, including the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America, have generated. Patent holders and their defenders should take note: you are next.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 8:07 A.M. Feb 28, 2012

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Strategy | Copyright

Brand and IP

In today's competitive marketplace, companies cannot miss any opportunity to strengthen, improve, and protect their brands. They have to look beyond traditional strategies of securing trademarks, copyrighting text, and protecting designs.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:50 A.M. MARCH 24, 2009

TAGS: Kate Shore | Strategy | Copyright

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