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IP 101: Things That Don't Quite Fit

In the last blog post, the basic types of intellectual property (IP) were discussed. But there are other types of more specialized IP that don’t fall into the basic categories. Today, those types, which are “neither fish nor fowl” will be discussed.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 4:23 P.M. Sep 18, 2018

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Invention | Regulation and Legislation | Design Patent | Copyright

5 Reasons to Add Design Patents to your IP Portfolio

Based on recent trends, we expect an increase in strategic focus on design patents, which will likely include an influx of new design applications into the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), as well as other patent offices around the world. Here are the key reasons why we are advising our clients to increase their focus on design patents.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz AT 5:25 P.M. June 30, 2015

TAGS: Invention | Process | Strategy | Justin Kunz | Design Patent

The Role of Design Patents in an Overall IP Strategy

The recently concluded and highly publicized patent infringement trial between Apple and Samsung was significant because design patents have long been seen as less valuable and less strategic than utility patents. In reality, design patents do have strategic value, especially when used within the context of an overall IP strategy.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz and Nathan Doudera AT 1:25 P.M. Oct 30, 2012

TAGS: Invention | Nathan Doudera | Process | Strategy | Justin Kunz | Design Patent

The Strategic Use of Design Patents

Design patents are a form of IP that should be considered by all industries as their strategic use, in conjunction with utility patents and other forms of IP, can strengthen and enhance the value of a company's IP portfolio and brand.

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POSTED BY Sarju Bharucha and ipCG Team AT 5:35 P.M. MARCH 18, 2010

TAGS: ipCG Team | Sarju Bharucha | Strategy | Design Patent

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