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CRISPR Decision Highlights the Importance of Strategic Claims Drafting

The battle over CRISPR (Clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats) patents highlights the importance of having a sound patent strategy before filing the first disclosure. The University of California v. Broad Institute, Inc. is an excellent example of the difference a well-executed strategy can make.

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POSTED BY Michael Baker and Kennyn Statler AT 10:25 A.M. Nov 7, 2018

TAGS: Invention | Regulation and Legislation | Strategy | Kennyn Statler | Disclosures

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Invention Disclosures

John Cronin, Managing Director and Chairman, and Jacob Rosen, Chief Executive Officer and Matt Osman, Chief Technology Officer of Legit are co-authors of "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Invention Disclosures". Intro: Artificial Intelligence (AI), when implemented correctly, uses humans’ biggest weakness to its advantage: the management and analysis of huge quantities of data. Confronted with several million documents all containing different information, a legal practitioner's first goal will be to reduce that to a reasonable level. That is often what previous workflow technology has been previously used for, particularly in the legal realm. Document management systems filter by date, author and keywords, RSS feeds show only news stories pertaining to an attorney’s current cases and even the “find” function on PDFs documents help you ignore most of the target document. The performance of these tools does not improve when the amount of data it is tasked with handling increases, in fact in most cases it declines.

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POSTED BY John Cronin AT 2:59 P.M. April 6, 2018

TAGS: Innovation | John Cronin | Process | Strategy | Artificial Intelligence | Disclosures

Two Directions of Open Innovation

For more than a decade, firms have focused much of their "open innovation" (OI) efforts on one direction - inbound OI. The push has been fueled in part by a wealth of scholarly articles and disclosures by the likes of Procter & Gamble about accessing the marketplace of outside ideas. The outbound direction of OI, while arguably less intuitive, offers a number of opportunities for firms to capture value from either internally generated or acquired innovation.

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POSTED BY Adam Bulakowski AT 12:21 P.M. December 17, 2015

TAGS: Adam Bulakowski | Innovation | Outside Publication | Open Innovation | Disclosures

Missing Inventions?

If your R&D department is like most, you have very creative people working diligently to solve problems. However, you may wonder why you don't see more invention disclosures coming from such bright, creative people.

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POSTED BY Bruce Story AT 5:00 P.M. SEPTEMBER 2, 2011

TAGS: Bruce Story | IAM | Invention | NPD | Process | Disclosures

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