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The Blockchain Patent Gold Rush

New technology brings exciting opportunities for early innovators, and potentially disastrous disruptions to the status quo. Blockchain, a growing, publicly-distributed ledger of transaction data and cryptographic hashes that famously enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Ripple, may be one such technology.

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POSTED BY Seth Cronin AT 12:58 P.M. Aug 8, 2018

TAGS: Disruption | Innovation | Seth Cronin | Blockchain

Adam Bulakowski, Principal Partner, is the author of "Winning in the knowledge economy".

In this whitepaper, Adam discusses how companies (and countries) with unique, intangible assets and associated capabilities capture more of the value that they create from innovation activities (and remain competitive).

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POSTED BY Adam Bulakowski AT 9:53 P.M. July 10, 2018

TAGS: Adam Bulakowski | Disruption | Innovation | Regulation and Legislation | Strategy | China

Adam Bulakowski, Principal Partner, is the author of "The VC’s playbook: Diligence essentials for technology-based IP"

In this whitepaper, Adam discusses how VC investments can improve monetization options and mitigate risk when diligence considers IP assets from a holistic business perspective, beyond the traditional legal opinions.

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POSTED BY ipCG Team AT 12:38 P.M. March 24, 2017

TAGS: Adam Bulakowski | ipCG Team | Disruption | Process | Strategy | Valuation

IP is an Emerging Concern in Technology and Telecom

The discussions surrounding the dependence of society on technology are well worn. We all know technology and the communication revolution that it has enabled are both powerful forces that are here to stay, creating many new and exciting business opportunities. The rapid rise of technology, however, has also created new business risks.

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POSTED BY Jeff Padgett AT 5:24 P.M. Sep 21, 2016

TAGS: Disruption | Strategy | Telecom | Jeff Padgett | Data Security

Emergence of Hand Wearable Technology, Intellectual Property

All companies are walking a fine line as they merge and innovate in smart wearables. The open spaces are quickly filling up. Proper care has to be taken to guard the innovation process to maintain an open space for the newest smart wearables to flourish. Any company, large or small, should be alert and constantly innovating to keep a competitive edge when addressing this market.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz and AJ Knowles AT 4:08 P.M. March 1, 2016

TAGS: Disruption | Innovation | Invention | Strategy | Justin Kunz | IoT | Wearables | Smart Home

Don't Forget About the "Rembrandt in the Attic"?

The case of DDMG is not unique; IP mismanagement is pervasive throughout the media and entertainment industry. For a number of reasons, companies often fail to recognize the value of their intellectual assets, and the business continues to move forward while the IP strategy does not. When companies start to consider IP in the face of a crisis, be it bankruptcy or an infringement lawsuit, it is too late to go back and reap the benefit of their creative thinking and innovation.

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POSTED BY Nancy Edwards Cronin and Nathan Doudera AT 8:55 A.M. Oct 15, 2012

TAGS: Disruption | Entertainment | IAM | Nathan Doudera | Nancy Edwards Cronin | Strategy | Mergers and Acquisitions

The IP Protection Challenges of 3D Printing

3D printing is one emerging technology field with the potential to create significant—perhaps even extreme—practical and legal consequences.  Innovators and manufacturers need to be ready to use all the protections offered by the different forms of intellectual property to protect their assets and businesses.

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POSTED BY Chris Huffines AT 5:05 P.M. Aug 15, 2012

TAGS: Chris Huffines | Creativity | Disruption | Regulation and Legislation

Is the Rental Car Industry Heading Toward Disruption Because of Intellectual Property?

The rise in the prevalence of technology and patent filings in the car rental industry is creating the possibility of an industry disruption due to intellectual property. Car rental companies that acknowledge and prepare for the increasing importance of IP will stand to benefit, while companies that ignore the importance of IP will suffer.

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POSTED BY John Cronin and Nathan Doudera AT 1:20 P.M. Jul 25, 2012

TAGS: Disruption | John Cronin | Mobile | Nathan Doudera

New Year, New Strategy

No new typewriters will be produced in 2012. The last production line closed down just this past year. On the one hand, this shows quite poignantly why innovation is important, on the other hand, it shows that destructive innovation is not something that happens in a flash. So, how do you know if your product is a typewriter? Do you have a plan?

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POSTED BY Ben Little AT 8:15 A.M. Jan 9, 2012

TAGS: Disruption | Innovation | Strategy

Instant Intellectual Property Violations

Protecting Your IP in the Age of Home Manufacturing

Imagine this scenario: You spend the tens of thousands of dollars to bring a product to market, and patent-protect it. Within days of your product's release, the device has been scanned (via a 3D printer add-on that cost only $200), its dimensions transformed into computer code, and that code transmitted across the globe via the internet. Thousands of people with 3D printers can then take this pirated information and create exact copies of your device in their homes.

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POSTED BY Charles E. Root Jr. MS. AT 12:19 P.M. NOVEMBER 18, 2010

TAGS: Disruption | Charles E. Root Jr. MS. | Prototype

The Disruptions are Coming!

All companies are susceptible to disruption - across all industries, at every scale, and in both strong and weak players. IP plays a key role in disruption - it is both a means for identifying it and protection against it. Make sure that you are ready when disruption comes galloping your way!

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 4:20 P.M. AUGUST 04, 2009

TAGS: Disruption | Invention | Kate Shore | Strategy

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