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How To Find Great Ideas and Get Them Funded

Great innovation is not just about great ideas. To get new ideas off the ground, you need executive buy-in and funding. You can increase the likelihood of success by building the executive buy-in for the innovation process, and by knowing what the CEO and other stakeholders are seeking in order to approve and fund your ideas. Here's how you can find great new ideas and establish rigor in the process that will win support and funding.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:17 A.M. Mar 19, 2012

TAGS: Ideation | Innovation | Kate Shore | Process

How Can Innovation Improve Customer Service?

Serco, a FTSE-100 outsourcing company based in the UK, operates contact centers for a large, FTSE 100 broadband provider, who was seeking to raise the level of performance for customer service. ipCG's innovation process was used to discover and prioritize 300 innovation ideas toward this objective. Just three months after the process began, Serco's performance on handling customer complaints moved to the top of the client's supplier performance table.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:10 A.M. Feb 21, 2012

TAGS: Case Study | Ideation | Innovation | Kate Shore | Telecom

ipCapital Group Releases iPhoneTM Application; Ah-Ha!TM Discovery Deck

ipCG is pleased to announce the release of its first iPhoneTM application, the Ah Ha!TM Discovery Deck, which is an electronic version of a brainstorming and creativity tool that ipCG has been using for years with clients.

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POSTED BY ipCG Team AT 3:30 P.M. OCTOBER 12, 2009

TAGS: ipCG Team | Creativity | Ideation | Mobile

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