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IP is an Emerging Concern in Technology and Telecom

The discussions surrounding the dependence of society on technology are well worn. We all know technology and the communication revolution that it has enabled are both powerful forces that are here to stay, creating many new and exciting business opportunities. The rapid rise of technology, however, has also created new business risks.

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POSTED BY Jeff Padgett AT 5:24 P.M. Sep 21, 2016

TAGS: Disruption | Strategy | Telecom | Jeff Padgett | Data Security

How Can Data Drive Medical Device Innovation?

ipCapital Group recently had the privilege of attending the 2016 BIOMEDevice Boston conference. Although the array of gears, wheels, pumps, membranes, molds, tubes and tools we witnessed was impressive, from our view, it was the data that stole the show. The Biomedical Innovation series of presentations focused heavily on the quest to collect, store and (somehow) utilize data, and made it clear that data is driving the cutting edge of the medical device industry. Three main themes emerged:

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POSTED BY Jeff Padgett AT 5:29 P.M. Apr 28, 2016

TAGS: Innovation | Strategy | Health Care | Jeff Padgett

Is "Ad Hoc" Innovation Good Enough?

As innovation consultants, we have a front row seat to watch (and help) companies learn how to be innovative. We've seen a lot of companies take a variety of approaches to innovation. One of the most common we see is what we call the "ad hoc" approach. This is a fancy way of saying "let's invent something and then see if we can sell it!" Although this approach is very common, it very rarely works well. We have a better approach. See how we helped a company in the health care industry apply four fundamental ingredients for a successful innovation strategy.

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POSTED BY Robert McDonald and Jeff Padgett AT 1:23 P.M. Apr 7, 2016

TAGS: Innovation | Process | Strategy | Robert McDonald | Health Care | Jeff Padgett | Ad hoc | Big Data

The Smart Grid Demands Innovation: Are you Ready?

The electrical energy delivery system, the Grid, looks today very much like it has for the past century. However, over the past two decades, customer demand for grid performance has driven the development of new technology. The Grid is transforming from a one-way flow of energy into a Smart Grid that allows for the two-way flow of both energy and data back and forth between all nodes. Some expect that over $20B dollars will be spent annually over the next 20 years to effect this transformation. To take advantage of these opportunities, innovation is needed, and it is needed now.

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POSTED BY Jeff Padgett AT 1:48 P.M. Mar 8, 2016

TAGS: Creativity | Innovation | Smart Home | Jeff Padgett

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