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Emergence of Hand Wearable Technology, Intellectual Property

All companies are walking a fine line as they merge and innovate in smart wearables. The open spaces are quickly filling up. Proper care has to be taken to guard the innovation process to maintain an open space for the newest smart wearables to flourish. Any company, large or small, should be alert and constantly innovating to keep a competitive edge when addressing this market.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz and AJ Knowles AT 4:08 P.M. March 1, 2016

TAGS: Disruption | Innovation | Invention | Strategy | Justin Kunz | IoT | Wearables | Smart Home

5 Reasons to Add Design Patents to your IP Portfolio

Based on recent trends, we expect an increase in strategic focus on design patents, which will likely include an influx of new design applications into the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), as well as other patent offices around the world. Here are the key reasons why we are advising our clients to increase their focus on design patents.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz AT 5:25 P.M. June 30, 2015

TAGS: Invention | Process | Strategy | Justin Kunz | Design Patent

Alice is market-affecting and could impact your market advantage in a few short years

The recent decision in the Alice v. CLS Bank case (Alice) has had a profound impact on patent litigation and prosecution, but what impact has it had on IP strategies? Many of our clients are wondering how this legal decision impacts them strategically.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz and Jeff Goodwin AT 2:45 P.M. Apr 23, 2015

TAGS: Regulation and Legislation | Strategy | Justin Kunz | Jeff Goodwin

The Role of Design Patents in an Overall IP Strategy

The recently concluded and highly publicized patent infringement trial between Apple and Samsung was significant because design patents have long been seen as less valuable and less strategic than utility patents. In reality, design patents do have strategic value, especially when used within the context of an overall IP strategy.

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POSTED BY Justin Kunz and Nathan Doudera AT 1:25 P.M. Oct 30, 2012

TAGS: Invention | Nathan Doudera | Process | Strategy | Justin Kunz | Design Patent

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