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How To Find Great Ideas and Get Them Funded

Great innovation is not just about great ideas. To get new ideas off the ground, you need executive buy-in and funding. You can increase the likelihood of success by building the executive buy-in for the innovation process, and by knowing what the CEO and other stakeholders are seeking in order to approve and fund your ideas. Here's how you can find great new ideas and establish rigor in the process that will win support and funding.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:17 A.M. Mar 19, 2012

TAGS: Ideation | Innovation | Kate Shore | Process

How Can Innovation Improve Customer Service?

Serco, a FTSE-100 outsourcing company based in the UK, operates contact centers for a large, FTSE 100 broadband provider, who was seeking to raise the level of performance for customer service. ipCG's innovation process was used to discover and prioritize 300 innovation ideas toward this objective. Just three months after the process began, Serco's performance on handling customer complaints moved to the top of the client's supplier performance table.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:10 A.M. Feb 21, 2012

TAGS: Case Study | Ideation | Innovation | Kate Shore | Telecom

Top 5 Blog Articles from 2011

Looking back on 2011, we've pulled together the top five most read articles from the ipCG blog during the year. While we covered many topics, including a series on IP strategy execution, open innovation, and the impact of new patent legislations, the topics of most interest to readers were IAM best practices for SMEs, understanding patent valuation, and filing strategies for design patents and China.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:10 A.M. Jan 26, 2012

TAGS: Kate Shore

Top Ten Things that SMEs Need to Know About IP

SMEs are often in a risky position of not having access to professional advice or formal training about intellectual property (IP), and therefore can unknowingly handicap themselves in whether or how they use IP. As a starting point, here are the 10 things every SME should know about IP.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 10:00 A.M. DECEMBER 21, 2011

TAGS: IAM | Kate Shore | SME | Strategy

How to Encourage Joint Creation in Open Innovation without Losing IP Rights

In the September issue of Intellectual Property Magazine, Kate Shore discusses how to address IP issues before the relationship to help create a culture of co-invention and collaboration, how to rev up your innovation engine to generate many potential inventions, and ways to maximize the value of the inventions created for both parties.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:15 P.M. SEPTEMBER 8, 2011

TAGS: Innovation | Kate Shore | Outside Publication | Process | Open Innovation

Recent Uproar around False Patent Marking

False patent marking has become a hot topic recently as case law around patent marking on products and recent legal developments have created a lucrative opportunity with very low barriers to entry. More than 100 cases have been filed so far in 2010 and new cases are being filed daily. ipCG has some suggestions on how your company might respond.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore and Sarju Bharucha AT 10:15 A.M. APRIL 2, 2010

TAGS: Kate Shore | Regulation and Legislation | Sarju Bharucha | Strategy

Degrees of Patent Analysis: Which Approach to Use and When?

Good preparation for a patent search can lead to successful and effective patent analysis, whereas the lack of preparation can lead to the disappointed stakeholders, missed IP opportunities, or wasted time.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore and Sarju Bharucha AT 12:45 P.M. FEBRUARY 16, 2010

TAGS: Kate Shore | Process | Sarju Bharucha

IP Training

The development and management of IP is an art, not a science. Of all corporate job functions, only IP attorneys receive formal training related to IP, but just related to the legal side of intellectual property. More comprehensive training is needed...

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 4:20 P.M. AUGUST 04, 2009

TAGS: IAM | Kate Shore | Training and Incentives

The Disruptions are Coming!

All companies are susceptible to disruption - across all industries, at every scale, and in both strong and weak players. IP plays a key role in disruption - it is both a means for identifying it and protection against it. Make sure that you are ready when disruption comes galloping your way!

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 4:20 P.M. AUGUST 04, 2009

TAGS: Disruption | Invention | Kate Shore | Strategy

Consumer Products

Innovation is the lifeblood of consumer products companies, as they strive to stay ahead of competitors, respond to evolving customer needs, and manage other market pressures. Products typically have short timelines for development, design, and marketing and high corporate expectations for sales. Getting products to the market is just the first step in a long process.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 7:00 P.M. JULY 21, 2009

TAGS: IAM | Innovation | Kate Shore | Strategy

ipCG Benchmarking Survey

Companies engage in strategic planning to lay out a path to success in various areas of business. In strategic planning, achievement of milestones and progress toward goals are assessed using a variety of metrics, both quantitative and qualitative. A refined set of those metrics may be designated for use as key performance indicators (KPIs).

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 5:40 P.M. MAY 26, 2009

TAGS: Kate Shore | Metrics

Brand and IP

In today's competitive marketplace, companies cannot miss any opportunity to strengthen, improve, and protect their brands. They have to look beyond traditional strategies of securing trademarks, copyrighting text, and protecting designs.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:50 A.M. MARCH 24, 2009

TAGS: Kate Shore | Strategy | Copyright

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