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Two Directions of Open Innovation

For more than a decade, firms have focused much of their "open innovation" (OI) efforts on one direction - inbound OI. The push has been fueled in part by a wealth of scholarly articles and disclosures by the likes of Procter & Gamble about accessing the marketplace of outside ideas. The outbound direction of OI, while arguably less intuitive, offers a number of opportunities for firms to capture value from either internally generated or acquired innovation.

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POSTED BY Adam Bulakowski AT 12:21 P.M. December 17, 2015

TAGS: Adam Bulakowski | Innovation | Outside Publication | Open Innovation | Disclosures

How to Encourage Joint Creation in Open Innovation without Losing IP Rights

In the September issue of Intellectual Property Magazine, Kate Shore discusses how to address IP issues before the relationship to help create a culture of co-invention and collaboration, how to rev up your innovation engine to generate many potential inventions, and ways to maximize the value of the inventions created for both parties.

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POSTED BY Kate Shore AT 8:15 P.M. SEPTEMBER 8, 2011

TAGS: Innovation | Kate Shore | Outside Publication | Process | Open Innovation

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